HealthTech Software Needs HealthTech Development Experts

HealthTech digital products face unique challenges, with their particular user bases, business needs, regulatory and licensing requirements. It’s for these reasons that it’s crucial to work with a software development partner that has experience in the field when developing these kinds of products.

Working with a development partner that understands your specific needs and requirements means less time spent figuring out how the Healthcare industry works, and more time developing and delivering the regulation-compliant features you want.

Get your product tested ASAP to reduce time to market

When working with a HealthTech veteran software development partner, you are working with teams that have already built applications like yours, for** similar clients and end-users. This takes out a lot of the guesswork and time needed for initial research, as well as domain expertise you might not otherwise have access to. **This means you can test your product as soon as possible and get a more accurate estimate since your experienced team can anticipate complexities in the development process. 

Benefit from the insights experienced HealthTech developers already have

If a software house or software company builds HealthTech software products, you’ll be working with teams that have probably already explored what a typical day looks like for a nurse, a user, or a business making buying decisions. They can build on other insights they’ve already gained about these personas, such as doctor’s priorities at certain points or what businesses in Healthcare are looking for. 

This deeper understanding of Healthcare businesses saves a lot of time during the discovery phase of the design process because rather than starting your user or business research from scratch, you’re able to start with a foundation based on data already collected, by teams with experience designing Healthcare digital products. 

Work with development partners who have extensive relevant knowledge 

The same goes for having experience with understanding the business of hospitals, doctor’s practices, and insurance companies, and what drives their individual successes. When working with HealthTech experienced software development professionals, you’ll have a partner that already has extensive knowledge of what patient records are, preauthorization, authorization, and claims. They will know the process structures behind the constant moving of the same type of data between different entities. 

As a result of this domain expertise, your experienced team will be able to create more accurate estimates and plans and offer fixed time and fixed price projects, because they can also anticipate the complexities that may arise. It’s not uncommon that software houses less experienced in building HealthTech software products offer lower estimates, based on a lack of in-depth knowledge. Lower estimates do not mean that the final cost of the product will be lower. And when approaching a project with the Agile Methodology, this lack of knowledge will cost multiple additional sprints and late, if ever, product launch.

Don’t build a legacy system. Think long-term 

When you build a HealthTech software product, you already know that you need to build something that will last. These aren’t fad products that come and go, but rather, digital products that have real longevity. This is why working with a team experienced in developing Healthcare software is vital to your long-term success.

HealthTech software is not supposed to be here today, gone tomorrow - it needs to be maintainable and professionally developed. A great HealthTech digital product should be around for at least 20 years. Regulation compliance, licensing, and indemnification, as well as a buy vs build approach, will all impact your HealthTech product’s endurance. You certainly don’t want to be building a legacy system from the get-go. 

Regulation compliance relies on HIPAA & GDPR trained teams

HIPAA regulations are necessities for HealthTech digital products in the US, and you need a team of developers well-versed in how to ensure that your software product is compliant. Besides HIPAA, there are privacy policies that are vital for HealthTech solutions, especially when dealing with sensitive data like medical records. Your team should also know details about these regulations and policies, including the basics such as not copying patient data to local computers, and other data sharing rules. 

“Regulation compliance is more than just HIPPA and GDPR. Accessibility compliance is crucial when selling your HealthTech digital product - some larger companies can’t purchase software that isn’t 100% accessible for users with disabilities.”

<p style: “text-align:right;”> Andrew Gauvin, Freeport Metrics CEO </p>

Why take the risk of working with an inexperienced development team, when many viable software development partners have extensive experience building successful, compliant, and secure products like yours? And the great news is you don’t have to hire a local team, as there are many companies around the world with experience working within US regulations - don’t limit yourself only to what is around you. 

regulation-compliance in HealthTech includes accessibility compliance

You need to have proper licensed and owned software, especially when selling HealthTech digital products to larger companies that will perform software audits. Working with an experienced HealthTech software development team ensures the chain of ownership is clear. 

Also, you as a software seller, need to make sure you are indemnifying the hospital, insurance company, or any business buying your software, from being sued for using the digital product. Working with a software development partner who has already built many HealthTech digital products means they must have adequate professional liability insurance in place. Failure to work with a development partner with proper licensing or liability insurance could be detrimental to your product’s longevity and will cost not only time but also a lot of money. 

Buy vs Build decisions - Don’t spend unnecessarily

Save time and costs where it counts. Many insurance companies bootstrap their business and have no custom software but then, later introduce customized features. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and we recommend it. 

Well-established HealthTech software developers know that customized software is expensive, are aware of the ecosystems out there, and can plug into these ecosystems in the industry - while also knowing which are compliant and which are not. This prevents the need to customize your whole digital product from scratch, but rather efficiently using existing solutions to help build your product. 

HealthTech software requires expert HealthTech developers

In the Healthcare industry, there are unique requirements, needs, and pains that other industries don’t have, which is why we highly recommended finding a software development partner who has experience building HealthTech products already. Developing software that can’t be tested or isn’t going to last is a waste of effort, time, and money.

This will increase the chances of success and longevity for your digital product because your development teams will have already built similar products or worked within similar scopes. In the end, it’s also a time-saver and cost-cutting measure, because your experienced team has already done a lot of the foundational work that would need to be done if a team had no experience with HealthTech. 


  • HealthTech experienced dev teams have already worked with your personas, saving you time in the discovery process
  • Extensive domain expertise means more accurate estimates for your software development - like fixed time and fixed price options
  • Regulation-compliance and licensing are second nature for teams who have already built successful HealthTech products
  • Don’t build from scratch if you don’t have to - buying existing solutions can save time and money

Looking to build your HealthTech software solution with an experienced development partner. We have over a decade of experience building digital products for the HealthCare industry. Let us know how we can help you or schedule a meeting with us on our website.

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