Is Your HealthTech Software's HIPAA Compliance Being Compromised by Remote Work? [FREE E-BOOK]

We’ve compiled some key risks to think about and how you can make sure your clients’ and patients’ sensitive data are protected. Below you will find a snapshot of what we’ve prepared for you.

The HIPAA act was created by the US government to implement general security rules for healthcare providers and services. They cover all details of security from facility access and control, work stations, device security, and how to manage these types of security measures in the workplace and remotely. If not only for peace of mind, you need to find a software development partner who is HIPAA trained and is well-versed in what is required to be fully compliant.

HIPAA violations vs. consequences

Along with government security rules and regulations, failing to follow them comes with serious consequences. These can range from fines, lawsuits to getting sued by customers and patients. This, of course, can also be detrimental to your company’s reputation, causing your HealthTech software products to be pulled from the market, a loss of sales, and future customers. Not to mention the fact that your insurance will skyrocket.

To avoid facing non-compliance consequences, product owners need to be accountable for this topic or reach out to specialists that have the experience in building software that adheres to regulations.

Work-from-home poses your greatest threat

There are more risks involved in terms of data breaches, viruses, and active attacks on local networks. Your internal and external teams are increasingly working from home and, therefore, are working on local networks you have no control over the security of. There is also the risk of medical devices being hacked when in transit, leading to patient sensitive data breaches.

You should be setting ground rules for HIPAA related projects when working from home, and later evaluate your teams’ work environments when out of the office. You could also reach out to an accountable software partner who has experience working with HealthTech digital products.

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Finding the right development partner for your HealthTeach product can be quite simple. Look to those who have vast experience in working with successful, HIPAA compliant digital products. If you have questions about how we can keep you HIPAA compliant, get in touch, or set up a meeting on your website.

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