Freeport Metrics Poised for Growth with New Ownership

Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Gauvin becomes sole owner; will expand international company to develop additional digital applications for health, finance, and food industries

August 29, 2018 — Portland, ME and Warsaw, Poland — Freeport Metrics, a custom application and software development firm, announces that Andrew Gauvin has become the sole owner and CEO of the firm he co-founded in 2009 with Dan Piltch. Gauvin is positioning the company to expand in US and European markets with additional software developers, designers, and business analysts. Freeport Metrics develops digital solutions both for large enterprises and growing firms, including financial payments, healthcare, sustainability, and food applications.

Freeport Metrics collaborates with clients to develop solutions that solve problems, streamline operations, and help companies scale and grow. Its international team of software engineers and product designers specialize in a full-service approach from requirements analysis to design and development. The company’s strong financial performance has enabled Gauvin to fund the buyout. Piltch plans to focus on new opportunities including supporting venture capital investors.

“We have an ambitious, talented team, a scalable business model, and a solid reputation for reliably building groundbreaking applications for customers,” says Andrew Gauvin, Principal and CEO, Freeport Metrics. “I am very excited to lead us forward working with established enterprise clients and growth-oriented companies who need an experienced software partner to help execute their vision.”

Co-founder Piltch will continue to serve as a consultant to ensure a smooth transition. “Freeport Metrics is in a great position, and I am proud of our many accomplishments in our 10 years of business,” says Dan Piltch, co-founder of Freeport Metrics. “Now is a great time for me to step away and know the business will continue to prosper.”

Freeport Metrics is known for its top engineering and design talent, for developing reliable and creative digital solutions, and for its positive and collaborative relationships with clients. The company has created an “accountable agile” development methodology that provides clients maximum transparency throughout the development process. “Software development is a black box for most people, so we help our clients understand what’s happening at every step,” says Gauvin. “We work with them to combine efficient, practical choices with enterprise-level security and architecture to launch software that’s both dependable and delightful to use.”

International operations have enabled the company to secure top-level talent from leading universities and create a culture that combines process discipline with product innovation.

Company achievements include:

  • Year-over-year revenue growth, including at 230% since 2015.
  • Delivery of successful projects for more than 70 clients at all stages.
  • Design & development of a mobile payment application used by state agencies throughout the US.
  • Building an award-winning sustainability technology solution.
  • Creating applications for food, healthcare, enterprise asset tracking, and more.
  • An international team of 40 designers, developers, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists based in Portland, Maine and Warsaw, Poland.

About Freeport Metrics

Founded in 2009, Freeport Metrics designs and develops award-winning digital products that are brought to market by their clients to solve challenges and bring ideas to life. With locations in the United States and Poland, the company’s distributed team approach ensures exceptional engineering and design combined with creativity and innovation. Boldly creative, technically precise.

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