Women TechStyle Warsaw: 6th edition

A small gathering of technology newbies happens every year at the Women TechStyle in Warsaw, an event designed to increase the number of women working in the IT sector.

A group of men and women from various backgrounds came together at the Google Campus to partake in tech lectures about testing, project management, and of course, programming. Topics included Test Driven Development, a live coding session, and synchronous vs. asynchronous processing in the cloud-based Salesforce platform. We were happy to not only attend this event but also to have Freeport Metrics as a sponsor.

The Test Driven Development lecture advocated for the benefits of writing Unit Tests at the beginning of the project, prior to development. It soon became obvious that the lecturer, Monika Mitura, had no intention of advocating for long hours of test writing. Instead she made the case that investing in debugging tests may not pay off as they are prone to errors. Using Oracle SQL as an example, she guided the audience through a journey of writing a sample test, which was a bold approach for a non technical audience.

Women TechStyle Warsaw: event attendees

The participants included many types of tech enthusiasts, ranging from experienced IT managers and programmers, to beginners learning to code. Women made a strong appearance and were deeply involved in lecture discussions, but men were not shy to the venue either.

There was a lot to offer aside from presentations about the world of technology. The event was held in a well-lit, big warehouse building, which typically hosts Google employees. Celebrating it’s 6th year this year, the Women TechStyle organizers provided refreshments in a separate food court, and even offered massages for relaxation. Freeport Metrics was thrilled to attend this event, ready to share our enthusiasm about technology and to our support those actively trying to pursue a career in the field. As sponsors of the event, we had a large team of representatives who stood out with their excitement (and signature FM jackets!), in the crowd. It was a nice touch for people who are entering the industry to be able to talk to developers, project managers and coders like us first-hand and learn more about our exciting industry.

The professional world is in the need of new talent in the IT industry, especially from young women, which was highlighted by one of the speakers at this event. And this is a topic that is very important to us here at Freeport Metrics and one in which we actively support. We applaud the participants and organizers of the 6th Women TechStyle Event and hope to extend our support to this event next year.

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