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Sign up for Freebie Fridays - a monthly meet up where you can talk with software & tech expertes about the needs, ideas or road blocks that your start-up is facing.

Upcoming event: June 9, 2017     Portland, Maine

Are you an entrepreneur in need of advice from a tech expert? Would you like that advice for free?

Freeport Metrics is providing monthly office hours where you can meet with a tech & software expert and talk about the needs/ideas/road blocks that your start-up is facing. Freeport Metrics has worked with many start-ups by providing not only technological expertise and out-of-the-box strategic thinking, but hands-on execution of software platform build-outs.

What you can expect from your conversation with us:

  • Vet your tech ideas with an expert
  • Learn if your idea is feasible, doable, affordable
  • Brainstorm work-arounds to problems
  • Discover new ways to look at your idea/problem

Our next session will take place on June 9, 2017. Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to confirm an appointment time.

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