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Agriculture tech digital products require unique development services and solutions for a variety of reasons including government regulations and quality control. At Freeport Metrics we understand the importance of providing high-quality food products with a high-quality digital product to engage and maintain our clients’ AgTech end-users.

Some of the solutions and services we provide for the AgTech industry are inventory and asset tracking systems, data collection and monitoring, data collection from research projects, geotracking or IoT. We utilize our experience in mobile and handsfree solutions with exceptional UX design to ensure our agriculture tech client apps are the top of their game and are being built in a user-friendly way.

Agriculture management software

At Freeport metrics, we have extensive experience working with alternative solutions for more particular challenges, and this is why we are able to provide exceptional results for the FoodTech industry. We offer data analysis for agriculture tech companies, as well as traceability. The importance of providing farm to table solutions and certification solutions cannot be understated.

Freeport Metrics Development

FoodTech solutions and agriculture technology

As with most niche products, agriculture technology companies require a particular set of solutions to ensure not only the quality of their applications but also to maintain a high-quality product. We offer enterprise integrations, security compliance, contract compliance and API integrations ensuring that the apps developed by us are first-rate digital products that are viable and have the technological foundations to be successful.


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  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering

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