Our Approach

We partner with our clients to solve complex challenges and help bring ideas to life.

Digital products from concept to launch

At Freeport Metrics, we've worked with over 70 startup clients at all different stages. We’ve launched many products including mobile apps, web apps, and entire marketplace platforms.

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I chose to work with Freeport Metrics because they were personally invested in my project. They hit the ground running, storyboarding and defining my product with me. They did a really incredible job in a short amount of time.
- Sam Asher, Founder of Pearl

A start-up venture that puts oysters on the map

An entrepreneur came to FM with a novel idea: create an app that connects oyster lovers and learners with restaurants serving oysters close by. Our team guided the product from initial ideation to the launch.

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Freeport Metrics was able to provide a reliable and professional team for our projects, and they quickly grasped the scientific concepts that are part of our core algorithms. They have proven to be a valuable partner. In addition to their software development skills, they also bring experienced technical project management to the table which helps our projects run smoothly on budget and according to plan.
- John L.H. Schenkel, President & CEO of NeoProteomics

Creating breakthroughs in human disease detection

Neoproteomics provides research services and tools that help clients unravel the complexities of pharmaceutical and biological research. Innovative analysis tools allow their clients to achieve biological understanding of their genomics and proteomics data.

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