Data Tells a Story. Are you Listening?

Data can be a very powerful tool. At every phase of application development, data can help businesses make informed decisions about what’s working, what’s not and what factors are affecting the bottom line. Analytics will help you measure the success of your app and will serve as a real-time gauge of how users are interacting and engaging. The insights you can gain from your metrics are critical to your success, so it’s imperative that the proper goal tracking is in place from day one to ensure all the needed data is being collected.

Defining your analytics goals: What should you measure?

The first step is to define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on business goals. FM has a laser-like focus on the specific metrics that will help us determine if the steps you are taking right now are helping or hurting you in reaching your goals.

Determining the platform: How will you measure?

Once we have defined the KPIs, we’ll evaluate the analytics platform that will best meet your needs. Google Analytics will always be part of this formula, but there are other platforms that we can leverage such as CRMs, newsletter or social media platforms, or custom backends. We utilize all resources available to tailor a unique solution for each of our clients. And because of our technical know-how, setting up the proper backend code for any of these analytics services is no problem - we’ll ensure it’s done right and with the correct parameters in place.

Analyze the metrics: What is the data telling us?

Our insight team provides all of our findings and analysis in an FM Insight Report which has just the right amount of information you need - all tailored to your unique business objectives & goals. Combined with our expertise, it will help to inform and guide you on listening and reacting to what your data is telling you.

Not listening to your data, or reacting purely on speculation, can cost your business greatly - in usability, performance or conversion. Monitoring your application’s performance is vital, and FM Insight is there to streamline the process and place the most important data insights right at your fingertips.

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