We believe technology and design, when applied wisely, can drive business growth and innovation and that new business models can be unlocked by creating digital products. Our goal is to partner honestly with our clients, align ourselves around shared goals, and drive growth in responsible and measurable ways.

We Work Collaboratively To Define The Vision

We work together with our clients to craft a project charter which includes a carefully crafted vision. We believe that beginning each project with a shared understanding of what success looks like and how it will be measured is the best path towards fruitful collaboration and a favorable outcome

We Offer Practical Solutions

Our multidisciplinary team members each began their careers as “makers” and have deep expertise designing and building digital products. At FM, we help our clients find practical opportunities to make use of technology to further their strategic and tactical goals.

We Value Partnership

We have a history of strong partnerships, with many of our client relationships spanning multiple years. We consult with our clients on where to focus their efforts and budgets for the best outcomes and how to position their products for the greatest success.

Freeport Metrics Strategizing

We Understand The Startup Culture

Our portfolio of clients includes many startups, some of which came to us with only the seed of an idea. Over the years, we’ve developed significant expertise in the startup landscape, and have offered strategic guidance that extends beyond product definition, to include advice on financial modeling, business planning and managing growth.

We Bring The Startup Culture To The Enterprise

Innovation gets harder as companies get larger. Costs and revenues drive decisions and new business lines become harder to envision. By bringing our startup thinking and processes to our corporate clients, we help show the return on investment that technology and design can provide. We’ll also consider the cost of not innovating … and what consequences can come from that.

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