People are at the heart of everything we make. When we're creating products, we consider how real people will use them and practice an iterative approach to problem solving. We are passionate about what we do and strive to create experiences that people will love.

We begin by empathizing with people

Through ethnographic research and other methods, we discover attitudes, behaviors, motivations and needs underlying how people engage. These findings surface opportunities and problems to solve.

We generate new ideas and refine existing ones

An ideation workshop allows the extended team to come together and use design thinking tools and techniques to spark innovation. We identify pain points within the current journey and generate new ideas to solve existing problems. We take the most promising concepts and evolve them into experiential prototypes.

We think in systems but design for moments

Today people use multiple channels and devices. As we design, we think about the whole system, while designing for specific moments of delight and usefulness.

Freeport Metrics Designing

We iterate, refine and validate with customers

As soon as possible - usually during the concept stage - we begin testing out our ideas with people. This early feedback helps affirm direction and refine outcomes to ensure we are building on a solid foundation.

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