We take a lean approach and encourage our clients to focus only on what is necessary, validating an idea to enable them to get to market quicker. Our engineers are creative problem solvers, fluent in the latest technologies and skilled at creating elegant code.

We Develop A Roadmap

We don’t want to overbuild your product and instead work with you to develop a roadmap that allows you to adapt and pivot as necessary. Our culture of prototyping ensures a seamless transition as we start building the solution.

We Provide Accurate & Reliable Estimates

Because we’ve done this in many different industries, using different technologies we know what can be done and what it will take. We pride ourselves on our integrity and are not afraid to have the tough conversations, providing the right guidance to understand the trade-offs that need to be made.

We Deliver On Time & On Budget

Having Agile tools and processes in place allows us to remain nimble and tackle changes without inflating the budget or timeline. We’re in control every step of the way, providing information needed to make informed decisions. Incremental releases demonstrate progress towards milestones. We keep the boat stable and help our clients sail confidently in the right direction.

We Ensure Quality

Code reviews are an integral part of our process. We also have dedicated QA testers whose role is to ensure the product delivers on its promise and the features work as intended. While we know there is no such thing as bug-free code, incorporating manual and automated testing, ensures the quality & reliability of the final product.

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Handling the Transition

We offer clients ongoing support and maintenance to keep their projects healthy and up to date. We provide quarterly reports that highlight any deferred maintenance and track feature requests. To ensure the product remains secure, we monitor threats and patch security holes.

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