Online trading platform for the seafood industry


Client’s request
The problem faced by both buyers and sellers in the market between harvesters (fishermen) and buyers at the dock has been the lack of transparency and uncertainty in the trading process. FYSH-X wanted to relieve some of the uncertainty by enabling buyers and sellers to directly and anonymously negotiate in a secure environment. Sellers could know in advance what their product is worth and protect themselves from market volatility.

Our solution
OpenOcean was trying to find a solution where fishermen would be able to secure the profitability of their trips by locking in a price and selling all or a portion of their catch in advance. And buyers will now be able to make smart purchasing decisions through a transparent, efficient and secure trading platform. Open Ocean Trading started with a great concept, a well developed business plan and the ability to execute it. We brought to the table our industry expertise in fisheries management, and a top notch development team.

How we did it
Behind the scenes we used a combination of ExtJS and Ruby on Rails and launched with a flexible and scalable infrastructure with several layers of redundancy and disaster prevention and recovery.

This trading platform only succeeds if it is happening in real-time. So we also used web-based real-time notifications for new and updated orders (web sockets pushing out events over third-party service Pusher). This allows fishermen and buyers to be updated instantly, in real time, about newly placed orders, edited orders or accepted orders.