Business Intelligence

We build data visualization tools and business intelligence solutions for your organization that help you solve problems and innovate by making it easier to gain insight from your data.

We leverage both industry-leading BI tools as well as our own toolkit for delivering solutions designed exclusively around the needs of the analyst and business decision maker. Our business intelligence services include:

  • Strategic consulting and analysis to define the key metrics and develop the forecast model.
  • Data visualization design to create interactive user interfaces for data exploration using innovative, user-friendly designs with frameworks such as D3/C3 Charts and hosted dashboards like Geckoboard.
  • Data acquisition development to integrate with anything from internet enabled mesh networks of sensors, RESTful web services, and your organization's data management systems.
  • Distributed computing architecture to leverage sclaleable cloud computing to crunch the numbers from your big data and instantly visualize it.

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  • Microsoft SSAS/SSRS/SSIS
  • Mondrian
  • C3/D3 Charts
  • ExtJS Charts
  • Google Charts
  • Pentaho
  • Ducksboard
  • Geckoboard
  • Rubbi
  • Localytics
  • CustomerIO
  • Google Analytics
  • LucidDB