Custom Healthcare Software Design & Development Services

From HIPAA compliance, to interoperability concerns, we understand the challenges of building medical and administrative software applications for the healthcare environment.

People are the focus of everything we do

Healthcare providers face unrelenting demands in the quest to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care to their patients, which means they demand more from their software solutions.

Too often, technology creates new burdens, not new efficiencies. Like you, we believe in patient-centered care. We just happen to call it “human-centered design”. From concept to code, our holistic design and development process ensures that people, not technology are the focus of everything we do.

We have deep experience throughout the healthcare ecosystem

Our team has designed and developed a wide array of custom software solutions including:

  • EHR Integrations for seamless data transfer
  • Asset tracking in the hospital environment
  • MIPS reporting for optimal CMS reimbursements
  • Mobile and responsive app design for a range of devices
  • Data visualizations for better insights
  • Easy-to-use customer portals

We recognize that every project has its own unique set of moving parts. We help clients balance the competing demands of patient experience, data security and regulatory compliance, to build software that makes your life easier.

Freeport Metrics Development

We take pride in offering honest, friendly advice

Not every problem requires a new software solution. So just because we can build new software, doesn’t mean we should. Many of our clients rely on us to provide guidance in assessing their current technology stack, analyzing risks, and making strategic recommendations. It’s never just about the code. It’s about the job you have to do.

Clients like our world-class pedigree

With a team that built their careers at world-class firms like McKinsey, Accenture and Sapient, as well as several startups, our team understands how to move fast, while also delivering enterprise-quality work on time and on budget.

Delivering results is just what we do.

Freeport Metrics has been an integral part of our development team. They bring tremendous value to our company through their reliability and their eagerness to dive deeply into understanding our business domain. They have built a great rapport with our staff and have a great reputation with our management team. When we ask for something; they deliver
- Bobbie Manson, Director of Software Development. Mingle Analytics

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