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Measure the success of your business with data analytics tools

If you want to get enterprise level solutions implemented, we’ll happily do it for you. We ’ll give you a solid recommendation on less expensive, open-source solutions, that you can not only easily afford, but also maintain and manage.

We take into consideration all business needs and requirements to deliver the best solution for data management and analytics. We also believe that using open source tools instead
of pricey solutions can help with visualizing and getting valuable data more efficiently.

Data analytics as a solution

We know that tables full of data can be not only hard to read but actually impossible to really analyze. That is why we convert them into UX-designed analytics tools and dashboards
and reports accessible for every customer. Plus, we understand and can deliver solid datamart design to support the analytics needs including the ETL toolset for cleaning and loading your own (and external) data from multiple sources.

Discover the benefits of data analytics

There are many tools for processing and analyzing data. However, processing the data
and making it available in the appropriate tools or visualizations remains the key challenge. We can help clarify the business needs and user expectations for interacting with the data
to support business decisions.

We can select and provide clients with analytics portals, batch tools, or near-real-time data migration, so data can be made available to analysts, the data-driven decision makers.

Freeport Metrics Development


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
Freeport Metrics was able to provide a reliable and professional team for our projects, and they quickly grasped the scientific concepts that are part of our core algorithms. They have proven to be valuable partner.
- John L.H. Schenkel, Jr. President & CEO of NeoProteomics

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