Internet of Things (IoT) Services & solutions

Over the years, we’ve helped our clients build IoT solutions

10 years ago although almost no one knew of the term “Internet of Things,” we were already working on an IoT project. Our task was to build a mobile app and cloud-based API service
for smart power meters built into power strips for office environments. We expanded our IoT services to other industries like Solar energy, HealthTech, and FoodTech. We may have been flexible between industries creating various integrations between physical world sensors,
the cloud, and mobile devices. We have kept “Metrics” due to our strong belief that data drives the business decisions and product strategies for what we build.

Helping IoT companies to develop their solutions

IoT products aren’t the easiest, so we support the entire process carefully. We create, provide and optimize UI interfaces, scale up data processing volume, and create data dashboards
to design your data collection pipeline. It all looks great but works even better. For analytics, we help with designing meaningful data exploration tools, timely reports and implement actionable, fine-grained notifications. We help with other aspects of building a monitoring infrastructure as well as verifying compliance and regulatory aspects of the data being collected.

We get your project up & running and are counted on to help with maintaining production environments.

Freeport Metrics Development

Bringing innovation with IoT applications

We help assess and select IoT solutions for specific business and industry. We believe that innovation, quality, and data should work altogether. With our agile methodology and skillset, we build reliable, innovative and flawless products, along with training
and full documentation, even on a tight budget.


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
I'm extremely happy with how we morphed from an idea to where we are today. We met milestones and were able to seize opportunities that actually exceeded our expectations.
- Dan Freeman, ItemAware Project Sponsor

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