Legacy system & app modernization

Legacy software modernization

With the rapid evolution of technology, it should be no surprise that IT systems need to be kept up to date in order to stay in the game. If your product is running on a legacy system, you risk your digital product eventually becoming incompatible with newer systems and platforms that could be crucial for your business’ success.

Some legacy systems may still work, but they can be unstable as a result of a lack of support and maintenance. Our highly skilled team are well acquainted with legacy modernization trends and strategies, to ensure all client products are modern and flexible.

Application modernization services

At Freeport Metrics, we are experts in application modernization services, solving any problems with legacy systems a client may be experiencing. Having your product labeled as a Legacy System can be detrimental to your product’s shelf-life, which is why we provide Legacy system modernization to secure the future of any digital product. We offer a variety of services to ensure that a product’s legacy system is renewed, including updating or rebuilding a clients’ software architecture and using our .net and Java expertise for security, scalability, and maintenance.

Freeport Metrics Development

Replacing legacy systems

We understand that a product doesn’t need to be 10 years old to be considered a legacy system, and in fact, a product can be labeled as such from the day it goes live. Our specialists in Technical/UX design, database design, and API design to modernize the Legacy Software allowing for expansion access, new features and to keep up with end-user needs and wants.

Legacy system integration

All successful businesses will experience growth and expansion - but a legacy system could be holding your product back. There is a chance that the system your digital product is running on could be incompatible with newer technologies coming out, such as mobile applications, the cloud, or web applications. Legacy systems can be difficult to modify and maintain, which is why we offer our clients Legacy Systems Integration. To avoid dilemmas regarding a digital product’s IT infrastructure, we provide tech design from scratch that will replace a client’s legacy IT system with one that is up to date and scalable.


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
Freeport Metrics helped us to reimagine the entire user experience and design of our SaaS platform. They not only showed us what was possible but also how, from a technological standpoint, it could be achieved. Their creative thinking and fresh approach to road-mapping continue to inspire us as we push forward.
- Justin Shapiro, Manager

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