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Mobile security is crucial for us and our services

We take care of the security on multiple levels, delivering the safest solutions possible.

For data security, we identify all sensitive data at rest and in-transit, as well as apply proper encryption techniques.

For application level security, we pay attention to secure coding practices and make sure that our solutions are in line with industry standards and guidelines like OWASP or NIST.

For infrastructure security, we provide certainty that no sensitive data is leaked to support services like crash or error reporting servers as well as to analytics tools. We use the best solutions to deliver the highest protection.

For maintenance activities, we make sure that application is regularly updated with the latest security patches. We scan dependencies for known vulnerabilities regularly.

Although we use several various solutions, below we listed just a few selected techniques:

  • Threat analysis
  • Code reviews
  • Static code analysis
  • Manual and automated penetration testing. (It is worth mentioning here that we’ve cooperated with external security specialists, and performed scans for iOS and Android on our own)

We create mobile versions of digital products

We make mobile versions of digital products, making the most of our experience: our skilled team has already created more than 20 advanced mobile apps. Both iOS and Android crew consist of both experienced senior developers as well as smart juniors.

Using our robust development workflow (for instance: testing, build automation or code reviews) we make flawless mobile solutions and build mobile apps that look & work marvellously.

Creating mobile is also a great solution for modernizing legacy systems: creating a mobile version of a web app. We know this stuff, too.

Business mobile app development for iOS and Android

Our engineers have experience and knowledge for creating both iOS and Android apps. This makes us unique and reliable, and it hugely improves consistency between platforms and reduces cost both in development and maintenance phases for projects that target both platforms at the same time.

Build a mobile application for your business with us

We are experienced in mobile development for many areas including fintech or healthcare (GPS tracking sensors or tools for remote employees, just to name a few projects).

We can see a lot of potential in this area, as phones become a device of choice for employees, not only when they have no access to computers. Being mobile means being in touch.

Mobile app design matters to us

Our aim is to create apps with spot-on functionality and outstanding design.

We know how to cooperate efficiently with UX/UI designers to materialize their ideas. We make sure to complement them with our performant code to make sure that the final application is not only aesthetic but also runs smoothly. Our mobile developers are also familiar with server development and can actively participate in API design which streamlines communication with backend teams.

We’ve worked both on start-up and on enterprise projects where we had to fulfill strict security and compliance requirements (e.g. PCI, HIPAA). We’ve also created applications that are accessible to visually impaired users .

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Working with mobile app developers that know both iOS and Android

Why it’s so beneficial?

Firstly, it reduces communication overhead that may be present if separate teams develop apps for different platforms. Secondly, it results in greater UI and code base consistency and helps with maintaining feature parity on both platforms. Thirdly, it reduces cost in development. We usually can develop app for the second platform with reduced cost/effort as we partially can reuse knowledge gained on the first application. Finally, the maintenance team can be smaller and thus less expensive.


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
I'm extremely happy with how we morphed from an idea to where we are today. We met milestones and were able to seize opportunities that actually exceeded our expectations.
- Dan Freeman, ItemAware Project Sponsor

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