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The traditional finance model for tech startups is to go to a venture capitalist, get money and then spend most of it on software development. We optimize the process by taking care of some funding and the software development in one deal: we’ll provide an investment in software development services and in return ask for a small equity in the startup.

$250,000 invested since
FM Ventures began

Benefits to You

Save Money

Dedicated hybrid onshore + offshore team with below-market rates.


Our model is straightforward - you won’t have to spend a lot of time hashing out a deal and paying lawyers.

Matching Funds

Our investment of software development services can qualify as matching funds.

We Know the Ropes

We’ve done this a few times before - we understand the process of applying for different kinds of grant.


We’re only looking for a small investment so that you can remain in control of your own company.

Tech Team In-Place

Having our team of experienced software developers beside you gives your startup additional credibility.

I love the team at Freeport Metrics. They were so eager to help, not only with my product design, pitch deck and business plan, but also with helping to introduce me to potential investors. Having them, literally, at my side during investor meetings made all the difference.
- Michael Brooks, Founder

Our Process

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    Business Assessment

    Our vetting process will assess whether or not we believe your idea can be successful, based upon your business model, your team, the potential market and the technology that will be required.

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    Cash Match

    We do ask that our FM Venture clients are able to make some kind of cash match. We're prepared to invest our own money and time in your idea; we expect that you should be, too. We can't work for free, but we can help you leverage the money you bring to the table.

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    In a typical FM Ventures deal, we would invest between $50,000- $100,000 in software development services, and take no more than a 10% equity stake in return.

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