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AG Tech & Food Tech

The number of ag tech and food tech startups around the world is growing rapidly and the potential for innovation is high. Pearl and Forager both launched their MVPs recently and are continuing to attract strong press and a growing customer base.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our deep expertise from both a technology, design and research perspective makes us a strong partner for startups in this space. Mingle and Rockstep have both been successful in securing large funding rounds for their industry-changing solutions.


We've also partnered with some larger enterprise clients on spin-off startup ventures. ItemAware's inventory tracking solution launched last year, and with multiple successful large-scale installations behind them, they have some exciting prospects ahead.

Energy & Sustainability

From managing community solar farms to tracking corporate environmental impact, we have been intimately involved with renewable energy and sustainability. We worked with two great startups, Ampion and Rapport, to flesh out the details for their initial products and bring them to market.

Fintech & Insurance

Financial services is a complex domain that requires a software partner to navigate compliance, regulation and corporate policy requirements. Leveraging our experience in this area, we've completed successful projects for EVO Payments, ZipLine (and a few larger clients we can't brag about here).

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