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Angelika Mikiciuk

Angelika is a QA Specialist at Freeport Metrics.

She studied English Philology at Silesian University. Her course was called Media-Culture-Translation and in her first job she was a language teacher. Teaching was a great experience, but she started to look for something more challenging and adventurous so she decided to join the IT world.

Her everyday tasks at Freeport Metrics concern testing: looking for bugs, checking if bugs were fixed and making sure that we deliver the best quality product we can. What she enjoys the most is working in a team of professional people who make you come to work on Monday with a smile on your face.

In her free time she enjoys taking part in any kind of cultural events. She loves rock and alternative music, and she especially loves going to concerts and music festivals. She used to be an amateur actress, and she is really fond of movies that make you think, so she tries to go to the theatre as often as possible. Maybe that’s why she also enjoys reading about psychology. Quite recently she took up horseback riding and she is planning to travel more.

QA Specialist

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