Edyta Jabłońska

Edyta gained her experience by cooperating with technology companies. She worked as an Account Manager in a swedish software house and organizations specializing in outsourcing IT specialists. Working close to business has taught her to understand customer challenges, needs and how to solve them effectively.

After several years of working with business and IT, Edyta decided to use her strengths and start creating digital products as a UX Designer. She had completed a course at CodersLab and joined Freeport Metrics. In Freeport Metrics Edyta supports the UX team in external projects and designs marketing materials. In the whole UX process she is most interested in the Define phase, in which product functionalities are described and designing prototypes. She would like to develop her skills in the UI area.

Edyta likes to spend her free time in front of the easel. She loves impressionism and oil painting. In addition, she travels to various parts of the world, and practices yoga for relaxation and health.

UI/UX Designer Intern

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