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Iurii Oliiar

Iurii studied mathematics at the National University in Lviv, Ukraine. He was a post-graduate student candidate for a PhD in mathematical and functional analysis. Programming in school, solving problems and building processes paved his path to becoming a developer. He started as a C++ developer, and currently has over 7 years of commercial programming experience in mobile (iOS and Android), database, and server programming (Java and Swift).

At Freeport Metrics Iurii creates iOS and Android apps, codes for back ends, and supports his projects with automated testing. He enjoys new challenges, and the trust that Freeport Metrics puts in his work. He has the freedom to choose the framework and use the latest tools in order to shape the final product. He is happy to take part in the growth and improvement of the company.

After work, Iurii likes to read books about mathematics and programming. He also enjoys playing chess, with fond memories of his college competitions. He fancies it most when playing with real person, not a computer.