Lena Błażejczyk photo 1

Lena Błażejczyk

Lena is a Freeport Metrics Assistant.

She studied Tourism and Recreation at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. Her course of studies helped her achieve one of her biggest dreams - visit the USA twice and learn more about the American culture, traditions, people and…food - which she adores.

She loves cooking and baking. Lena wants to perfect the art of making pirogies. She loves tortoises and turtles. Lena also enjoys spending her free time doing some gardening, outside of the big city, at her summerhouse. She also loves traveling and planning her trips (both domestic and international).

This is why she loves so much planning and organising exciting trips and events for Freeport Metrics employees. As an FM Assistant, Lena cares for team’s well-being and happiness, as well as making sure that the team has everything they need on time.

In her free time, she also does everything she can to help homeless and old dogs.