Łukasz Tarka

Łukasz studied Biotechnology at Nicolaus Copernicus University of Toruń. After studies, he decided that computer science was his real passion. His interest in computers from the age of 9 combined with his analytical skills led him to the IT industry, and he found that technical project management was the perfect intersection of his skills and passions. His competitive edge is his wide interdisciplinary knowledge and experience. With 12 years of experience as a Project Manager he mastered his skills running mid- to big-size projects focused mainly around finance, healthcare, pharma industry as well as NGOs, such as United Nations and UNICEF. He also ran a few successful start-ups.

As a PM Lead in Freeport Metrics, Łukasz is accountable for managing key projects, management of Projects Portfolio and supporting the Project Management Team keeping tools, standards and processes running smoothly to deliver the best value for clients.

In his free time Łukasz loves cooking, driving Italian cars and motorcycles, hiking and gym. When not in the mountains or on the race track, he enjoys learning psychology or playing guitar.

Project Management Lead