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Mariusz Pazur

Mariusz earned his degree in computer science from the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Mariusz is a full-stack senior software developer for the .NET team. He has 10 years of development experience in different industries, ranging from e-commerce to healthcare to military.

He likes to get to the bottom of things. As an experienced full-stack developer he is responsible for designing features from the bottom (digging into database) to the top (trying to create clean and really useful UI experience). In his work he really likes to foster good communication with all team members. He thinks that effective communication is the way to better software development.

In his free time he loves tinkering and is in the process of building his own home automation system. It tracks the presence of family members at home and properly turns on and off lights and audio-video devices. You should have seen his mother-in-law’s face when she stayed alone in his home one time, and after 5 minutes all of the lights and TV mysteriously turned off.

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