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Michał Lewandowski

Michał is a man of many interests: he has pursued a Logistics degree at Politechnika in Kielce, and moved to Warsaw to study law. His adventure as a tester began three years ago when he was working as a camera operator for one of the major broadcasting networks in Poland. He wanted to explore a different career path and came across an opportunity to work with video games which he rather enjoys. Michał grew as a QA by acquiring knowledge about bug reporting and writing test cases as part of reports even when it was not required. This ambitious approach was recognised through various promotions and resulted in making Quality Assurance Michał’s chosen career..

At Freeport Metrics, Michał tests mobile and web software, polishing his manual testing skills. Eventually, he wants to become proficient with automated testing. At his current position, he most values the positive working atmosphere and the ability to cooperate with designers and developers in assuring the highest quality product.

When not at work, Michał can be found playing video games, working out, or studying by taking online courses. Michał plans to visit all of the major cities in Poland, as he is also a travelling enthusiast. His deep interest in human development and psychology has resulted in his secret superpower (but you’ll have to ask him what that is). ;-)

QA Specialist