Monika Pilich

Monika comes to FM with a professional background in architecture graduating from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban planning at the Warsaw University of Technology. During her work experience as an Architect, she designed a wide variety of different building types like residential housing, office buildings, and education facilities. The work as an architect taught her how to work in an interdisciplinary team and coordinate projects. After a few years of working in the architectural industry, Monika wanted to face new challenges and explore a new design area.

At Freeport Metrics Monika is a Junior UX/UI Designer. Her responsibilities are to support the UX/UI process in a company project and creating marketing materials. She enjoys the design phase the most; creating the architecture of information, as well as designing prototypes and mockups. She’s also very interested in the research and testing stage with users. What is most important to her in creating UX is the design of good, convenient solutions for users who realistically solve problems in an optimal way.

Monika believes a healthy brain is in a healthy body. After all, she trained in basketball for 15 years! When she isn’t designing buildings, interfaces or shooting hoops, Monika enjoys reading books (especially fantasy type). So does her cat, who often sits by her side.

Junior UX/UI Designer

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