Paweł Wernio

Shaping user experience for almost 8 years so far. Focusing on human interactions within the virtual world. Transferring complex engineering to helpful and useful tools for users. He studied at Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw which lead to an aesthetic vibe and creativity with technology. His working experience and curiosity about how people can work span from small startups to big corporations - learning in each of these places to take the best and incorporate it in his daily base workflow.

At Freeport Metrics Paweł and his team of talented designers help clients shape or enhance their businesses by approaching projects from a user perspective. He and his team conduct workshops that define a core idea creating the best of all solutions. And all the way to final production his team creates the best quality design deliverables that help client’s businesses to grow. He loves his job the most when business, design and technology work alongside to create solutions that will help build a better world.

His private time is occupied by his family and lots of activities from crafting his programming skills - yes just for fun or going on snowboarding trips with friends. Or just chillaxing with a book or while walking with his dog.

UX/UI Design Lead