Piotr Adamowski

Piotrek is currently finishing his engineering degree at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications. Passion for this topic was sparked in him by his dad, who also graduated in that field. 

He began working in FM Team as an IT Administrator Intern in summer 2020 while working on some interesting projects such as implementing SIEM. Later in May 2021, his path once again crossed with FM, and now he is working as a Junior IT Administrator. In his work, he takes care of network infrastructure, keeps an eye on the status of licenses, administers quite a few systems, and provides a helpdesk. He likes new opportunities to learn and often discusses some problems with his dad when he needs some technical help. One may say that being an IT Administrator is a family tradition.

Outside of FM, Piotrek is a maniac of board games, and he can spend literally half a day playing one RPG campaign. Despite being a bit introverted, he likes to play games with his friends. He is also a music lover, recently invested in a good audio system, and occasionally annoys his neighbors with loud D&B, Electro, but also Metal and Rock.

Junior IT Administrator

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