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Robbie Woodsum

Robbie is a lifelong Mainer, born and raised in Portland. He graduated with a BS in Marketing from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia and completed his MBA with a concentration in Information Technology from Franklin Pierce University. His professional experience comes from working in Maine-based financial services and insurance industries.

As a business analyst, Robbie is the translator between our client business stakeholders and the internal software development team. He helps our clients understand and define what they’re truly looking for in a technology solution. He works closely with the development team to create real business value. The best part of his role is working with all types of individuals to bring product visions to reality. It’s a challenging position that balances business acumen with tech-savviness.

Outside of the office, Robbie is an indoor cycling instructor, hobbyist photographer, and proud dog-dad to a Great Dane named Mabel. He takes full advantage of Maine’s foodie scene and the great outdoors. He’s also (in)famous for his terrible dad jokes and puns, always happy to bring laughs or groans.