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Sean Hanson

Sean joined Freeport Metrics in 2017 as an Engagement Manager who partners with our client to create successful products. He likes to say he is an accidental project manager, but he’s been doing it for almost ten years, with diverse experience spanning many industries such as insurance, leisure, international educational travel, and nonprofits. He enjoys spreadsheets AND nice colors, which is why data visualization projects get him excited. He loves finding ways to make people’s work and personal lives better with technology.

Sean is passionate about helping clients understand the problem they are trying to solve, and making sure the solutions we build deliver the maximum value and impact.

He’s originally from the UK, but you might not notice Sean’s British accent unless there’s a soccer (football) game on or until he’s had a couple of pints. A father of two young daughters, he loves the Maine outdoors no matter the time of year, and he finds skiing and oceanside camping equally enjoyable. He’s also working on a long term plan to be slightly less terrible at playing the guitar.