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Tim Ziobro

Tim is the Lead Business Architect for Freeport Metrics and has over 18 years of experience working for a software organization in the capacities of Professional Services, Product Management, Sales/Marketing, and Advisory combined with additional impact as an Assistant VP for Solutions at a global consulting organization. He has international experience providing value to major corporate environments and start-ups through dynamic sales, client relationship building, maintenance and account development.

At Freeport Metrics, Tim is responsible for customer acquisition programs in order to cultivate new custom software development projects for HealthTech, FinTech, and the AgTech industries. He has always been known to be a true optimist and embraces a “can do” attitude with every undertaking. Having a keen focus on the customer and their business objectives, Tim’s experience has allowed him to consistently deliver the right: technology, data, people, and processes. Tim is extremely proud to be part of the Freeport Metric’s Team.

In his spare time, he can be found volunteering for his daughter’s athletic teams (swimming, soccer, and spring track), putting his Culinary Arts Degree to good use by cooking for his wife and relaxing (napping) with his 4 cats. In addition to cooking, Tim’s hobbies also include brewing craft beer, keeping up on the latest technology, current events and traveling globally. Look. Understand. Make.