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Tymon Felski

Tymon is a Junior Developer who joined Freeport Metrics as an intern in late 2017. He has studied Computer Science at the Warsaw University of Technology with a specialization in artificial intelligence. Before joining the team, he worked as a .NET Developer for a company providing services for financial and telecom industries.

At Freeport Metrics Tymon aspires to be a successful full stack software developer by contributing to the .NET development team. He enjoys combining innovative technologies with existing .NET solutions.

You may find Tymon freestyle windsurfing on the Hel Peninsula during summertime and ice skating in the winter. And if the weather isn’t right, his hobbies consist of digital drawing on a tablet, playing video games and researching machine learning algorithms such as facial recognition techniques. The latter, combined with Tymon’s interests in developing mobile applications, resulted in his bachelor’s thesis.

Junior Developer