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Yulia Buyanova

Yulia always did well in math which lead her to study at the Mathematics faculty at Warsaw University of Technology and to pursue a degree in Computer Science, which she obtained in 2017. She is a natural at combining mathematics into creating software.

She choose Freeport Metrics because of the company size and because it provided an opportunity to expand her curiosity within the field of technology. Yulia has worked on multiple projects involving Android and .NET development. Working in a team is her favourite part of the job because it fosters personal growth that comes with relying on others and having them rely on you. Freeport Metrics Teams are especially welcoming and encouraging which makes completing project tasks successfully that much more enjoyable.

In her free time, Yulia enjoys traveling with friends, and exploring new places. For now, her travels are limited to Europe, but she would like to see other continents and to experience cultures which are not similar to her own.


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