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Cloud computing solutions can improve many aspects of your business, and at Freeport Metrics we can provide you with this beneficial service. In the past, people would have run programs from software downloaded onto a computer, but with cloud services for business, clients and users have the ability to access these same applications through the internet.

We have expanded our IoT services to different industries over many years, such as Solar Energy, HealthTech and FoodTech. In many of our projects, we have been flexible between creating integrations between physical world sensors, mobile devices and application development for the cloud.

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Cloud-based app development

Cloud-based app development can improve the capabilities of your digital product. With cloud application development, clients can achieve more intricate features such as location tracking.

At Freeport Metrics we have an extensive background working with mobile development and cloud computing architecture. Projects we have developed are making waves in their respective industries, because of our ability to provide seamless solutions using cloud technology combined with other technologies.

With our user-minded development strategies and our years of experience working with cloud solutions, clients can expect to have a successful digital product that meets not only their requirements but also the needs of their end-users.

Cloud continuous integration and delivery allow us to build and deliver quality software much faster. This is because developing with cloud technology means your product will have maximum flexibility and allow for scalability without having to worry about maintenance.

Benefits of cloud computing

There are many benefits of cloud architecture design and development, for all digital products, regardless of whether you are developing a web or mobile application. With the number of web-enabled devices consistently growing, cloud computing gives your business and your digital products a lot more flexibility. In a fast-moving world, it’s important to have digital products that are up-to-date and utilize the latest solutions.

Cloud-based services can reduce the cost of maintaining your IT system, as well as managing it. Your business will have more flexibility to scale up or down, suiting your storage needs. Also, there are a lot of security features offered by cloud computing including encryption, authentication and access control.

Other advantages of cloud computing solutions are the fact that communication and sharing become much easier. Working on projects that cross locations, or developing a digital product that requires data to access internationally - cloud services provide an easy and secure solution that allows this communication to happen seamlessly and in a trusted way.


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
Freeport Metrics was able to provide a reliable and professional team for our projects, and they quickly grasped the scientific concepts that are part of our core algorithms. They have proven to be valuable partner.
- John L.H. Schenkel, Jr. President & CEO of NeoProteomics

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