C# and .NET development

C# and .NET app development

The .NET development services we offer to our clients allow us to work with a development model that can be used to build apps that can run in many different environments. The flexibility .NET development offers, makes it an exceptional choice for a range of projects, particularly because it allows Freeport Metric’s expert developers to produce .NET web applications efficiently and securely.

At Freeport Metrics, we offer .NET application development with our team of highly experienced developers who have exceptional exceptional knowledge and experience with both .Net Framework and .Net Core, using C# programming language.

C# app development

Our team of experts at Freeport Metrics are not only well-versed in developing within the .NET framework but are also highly skilled in C# app development.

The C# programming language was designed specifically for developing on the Microsoft platform, which is what makes it the perfect coding language for .NET web development. Utilizing C# software development on the .NET framework allows for smooth implementation of a wide variety of features for .NET IT solutions.

.NET web development

Our exceptional .NET development services have completed many successful Android applications for an array of client projects. Most commonly, the projects that utilized .NET development services were healthcare or FinTech apps, as a result of their need for exceptional security.

The .NET framework allows our skilled developers to build highly functional and user-friendly applications, while also giving the client’s the measure of security they need for apps that may contain sensitive data.


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
Kudos to the FM team for changing the CMT to remember how we have mapped files. Consultants named it one of the most successful parts of the submission season! We are a huge fan of this functionality and it saved us hours of our time.
- Brigid Whitney Gallagher, Mingle Health

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