Mingle Health

Measurably improving the quality of healthcare

How can we improve the quality of healthcare, and improve patient outcomes? While these questions seem daunting to many, one of our clients tackled these head on and asked us to help. We crossed paths with Mingle Health through our active support for Maine’s startup community. We agreed they were on to something big and we started working together to help build it.

The initial product focused on providing the ability for healthcare providers to easily and accurately report data to Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) in order to optimize their ratings and reimbursements. By collaborating closely with their in-house development team, we improved the platform and leveraged the technology to allow scaling to support more customers and flexibility to stay up to date with changing regulatory requirements. They are now the second largest analytics player in this market. With PQRS being supplanted by newer regulatory regimes, and with a continued focus on measurable optimization of care quality, there is an increasing demand to evolve and expand this offering.

The technology behind the vision

As a Microsoft BizSpark partner, Mingle Health adopted a .NET back-end with MS SQL Server databases along with a Salesforce powered customer portal. Our software architects, developers and quality specialists work side-by-side with the Mingle in-house team using Agile processes to design, build and rollout new features on a biweekly basis. Compliance and regulation both have a significant role to play as the platform needs to interface with customers’ electronic healthcare records (EHR) systems and submit data electronically to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) systems. Accessing this data meant that we needed to provide a professional, well-trained team to maintain adequate security and comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security standards.

In addition to the product development cooperation, we’re also strong partners with the executive team at Mingle Health and are leveraging our experience in business intelligence and data analysis to help further their mission to improve care, lower costs, and ultimately transform medical practices. We’re currently working together to envision what the next versions of their platform may offer.


Angular, Azure Web Services, Microsoft .NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, Salesforce.com



Project Status

Up & running, saving medical practices money and promoting better quality

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