About the company

Pearl was looking to connect oyster lovers and learners with restaurants serving oysters close by.

Pearl was ready to develop a mobile application that provided comprehensive oyster and seafood listing highlights, taste characteristics, origins, and individual health benefits as well as recommended drink pairings. Seamlessly linking to Open Table ensures reservations are a tap away. It is also an innovative restaurant web-portal allowing chefs to share daily menus using social media integrations and OCR technologies, reaching customers who are looking for specific oysters and seafood, in general.


Developing an MVP in a short time frame, then using the user data collected to later develop a more complex application. 

The complex application required building a large database that is easily and seamlessly accessible for users to educate themselves about oysters and eventually all seafood. It was also necessary to ensure that all other integrations with external applications like Open Table or social media sites were seamless. Finally, we needed to come up with a rating system for oysters and how to best display that information. 


In-depth discovery to better understand the target audience and the interactions that exist between them and restaurants.

Our relationships with users continued through iterative releases and user validation throughout the development process. We created a complex database, and a restaurant locator, to show users where to find these oysters. We also included features that would allow restaurants to register on the platform, update their menus, and list oyster happy hours via geolocation.


We delivered a UX-focused consumer-facing MVP, and later complex mobile app, that was both aesthetically-pleasing and very user-friendly.

Pearl’s mobile application captured media attention from many renowned publications and travel magazines including NY Times, USA Today, and Forbes. Soon after launching in New York, San Francisco, and Boston, the Pearl App set its sights on an international debut with a version crafted especially for the Chinese market. Features were added and changed to appeal to the culture surrounding gourmet food in China, including using the social media tools most popular there such as WeChat. The app was also localized for Mandarin.

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