Bringing laboratory research into the mobile age

The software that most animal research labs use is dated, to say the least. The 25-year-old open source software that dominates lab inventory management is counterintuitive and lacks the functionality that scientists need. The start-up RockStep Solutions aims to solve this problem with its product - the first cloud-based solution for labs to track animal colonies, manage workflows and experiments, and provide species-agnostic flexibility.

We met RockStep during one of our Freebie Friday sessions, where they consulted with us about funding and development options. We knew that their idea was solid - the industry was ripe for innovation, the domain was complex, and the team was made up of true subject matter experts.

We used our business consulting expertise and investor contacts to help RockStep secure the grants and investor funding to get them off the ground. We also provided project management and testing services to augment their own software engineering team.

Roadmapping for the future

One of our Engagement Managers joined the RockStep team to help them move to a scrum framework for project management. Beyond serving as Scrum Master, we also assisted in the roles of Product Owner and QA specialist. We facilitated story writing and requirements definition and assisted with setting up tools to best aid (and least disrupt) their development process. We led them through a project charter and several roadmapping workshops, defining the most important goals for their MVP to help them prioritize ongoing development efforts under solid plans.

Lending our management and planning expertise to a cutting edge, nimble development team made for a great collaboration, resulting in clearly defined goals, consistent and manageable process and more efficient use of in-demand development resources.

Poised For Success

RockStep recently won a $1.5 million NIH grant and is poised for great success and disruption in their field. We are still closely aligned with the RockStep team, members of our team sit on their advisory board, and we’ve established a trusted relationship.

Services Provided

Business Strategy Project Management QA


Life Sciences
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