Vigix Systems

Custom software development for vending kiosks manufacturer

Vigix manufactures kiosks that specialize in high-end products such as cell phones, watches, beauty products and more. They had a vision to create small footprint vending kiosks that could be placed in high traffic locations such as subway stations, shopping centers, airports and so on. In addition to the innovative, space-saving design, the kiosks also needed to include a rich touchscreen UI and be internet enabled.

The product dispensing kiosks have revolutionized product sales and consumer engagement. The custom-built hardware designed by IDEO, is unique in that it can dispense products with no moving parts thereby ensuring unprecedented reliability. Automatic detection and accessibility from any internet enabled device means that the kiosks can be managed remotely and replenished using pre-packaged cartridges of products.

Powerful inventory management and slick touchscreen UI

We worked with Vigix to provide them with a custom software solution that supported a number of functions, serving the needs of both retail customers and kiosk operators. A robust content and inventory management system was developed, scaled and integrated with a multi-media touchscreen interface. Rich, interactive visuals and an elegant UI ensure the products in the kiosks hold maximum appeal to customers, delivering on Vigix’s goal of “complete consumer engagement”. In addition to product advertising and information, the kiosks show product ratings, deliver coupons, capture email addresses and even monitor audiences with a built in camera. And behind the scenes, real time reporting of transactions, inventory and kiosk status provides operators with ultimate control.

Our partnership with Vigix extends over several years, during which we’ve helped them with various deployments for many Fortune 500 clients. The multi-tiered micro-service architecture that we built was “just enough” for each phase and has been successfully customized and localized for each client.


Retail & E-Commerce

Project Status

Acquired and globally deployed.

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