A decade of designing and building reliable medical analytics and portal software applications for the healthcare industry.

We help you to balance the competing demands of user experience, data security, and regulatory compliance, to build healthcare software that makes your life easier.

Our teams of seasoned experts have been paving the road for large enterprises, and scaling healthtech start-ups to success, with their products & services. All this, side by side with our clients, each step of the way.


Our clients and business partners include

Business case studies
Our experience
We have extensive experience working within the healthcare ecosystem in the USA. Our team has designed and developed a wide array of custom healthcare software solutions including:
  • EHR Integrations for seamless data transfer
  • Patient & asset physical tracking in the hospital environment
  • MIPS reporting for optimal CMS reimbursements
  • Mobile and responsive app design for a range of devices
  • Data visualizations for better insights
  • Easy-to-use customer portals

We partner with out clients to solve complex challenges

and help bring ideas to life


30+ seasoned technology consultants on board


Dozens of highly usable & performant applications, for new products and legacy software, for regulated, high-security environments


Fixed-price & fix-time capability to efficiently execute the building of new products


10+ years of Agile support of incremental improvements to existing products

What do our clients have to say?

We can provide you with healthtech solutions and healthcare IT services in a business and ROI oriented manner.

Saving you time, providing new revenue, and reducing costs.

We understand this business.

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