We Make Software.

For your team. For your customers. For your life.


Business Intelligence

We design and build business intelligence software and analytic solutions. Through custom data visualization software we can help you problem solve and innovate by making sense of your data.  


Mobile & Web Apps

Our experienced team of programmers and consultants design and develop interactive, scalable mobile and web applications that seamlessly mesh your data and services.  

FM Ventures

We’re more than just programmers. We’re business partners. With out-of-the-box strategic thinking, we can reliably help conceive and build clickable prototypes, MVP launches, and full software platform build-outs for your start-up.  


We constructed a real time trading platform for fishermen

We built a mobile search engine for knitting experts


Key technologies we use to increase your business productivity:

Apple iOS Android AngularJS Framework Ruby on Rails Java Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Cross-platform mobile development
  • Agile methodology
  • Analytic dashboards
  • Lean startups and MVPs
After hours

We take our commitment to our community as seriously as our commitment to our clients. Here are some of the ways we're giving back.

Freebie Fridays

We organize Freebie Fridays - a monthly meet-up for startup entrepreneurs in Portland, Maine at any stage in their conceptualization or growth. We aim to share our experience to help resolve both business and technology roadblocks.

Sign up for the event!

Rails Girls

We love helping clients and others dive into the magical world of Ruby on Rails. We organized the first Rails Girls Maine in Portland this year and are a sponsor for the annual Rails Girls Warsaw

 Rails Girls Maine

Open Source

We open sourced Olap4r, a Ruby wrapper for olap4j, which can be found on GitHub (olap4r, olap4r-mondrian, olap4r-xmla). We're also proud of our winning hackathon project Bike Day!

 Olap4r Docs