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Artur Styś

As someone who loves to create, the world of software opened up a realm of possibilities for Artur. Since joining Freeport Metrics in 2010 (making it a company of 4), Artur has contributed his engineering expertise to a wide range of industries: telecommunications, banking, advertising, retail sales, healthcare, health treatment and local government. Artur has been in the IT industry since 2005. Over the years he discovered, designed, developed and coordinated dozens of commercial IT projects across wide set of technologies including Windows programming in C++ and .Net, enterprise server and web solutions in .Net and Java, and mobile apps for windows mobile. He has vast experience in delivering custom and open source based BPM, ecommerce, CMS, BI and analytical solutions.

Artur has a unique ability to understand business problems and apply digital solutions. Artur values collaboration with our clients to reach the best solution for their success, and he isn’t afraid to play bad cop to make sure that all scenarios and risks have been analyzed - balancing our assumptions with goals and scope of projects. He even claims that the consulting piece of the job is more interesting than the implementation. Artur is never more satisfied than when his clients succeed, and you can tell that happens often from his long list of happy clients and successfully launched products.

Artur graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in 2005, Faculty of Maths and Information Science, with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science (lectures in English). Artur enjoys time to relax with his wife and 2 kids, playing basketball and watching Formula 1 racing. He can also often be found out in Warsaw nightlife seeing live music and hanging out with friends, which is why Artur has long held the title of FM’s CPO (Chief Party Officer).

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