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Salesforce configuration and customization

Salesforce is The World’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform helping companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability making the analytics to business processes easier and transparent.

Configuration can provide user-defined values which will allow a feature or function to operate utilizing the out-of-the-box tools that Salesforce provides, the administrator can configure the software platform with limitations.

Customizing is critical when optimizing the out of the box features, functions and capabilities of Salesforce. Without customization, your organization will not realize all the benefits of your CRM investment.

If Salesforce has been implemented and configured in your organization and it is evident that end-user adoption, productivity and customer retention is low, while revenues are not growing…

…it is time to customize Salesforce.

  • Poor UI/Ux (Not Personalized)
  • Correct Data Availability
  • Lack Of Automation
  • Inaccurate Workflows
  • Missing Custom Calculators, Emails, Reports, Dashboards
  • Addition Of Value Added Mobile Applications
  • Required Integration With 3rd Party Systems

Freeport Metrics will partner with you to maximize your Salesforce implementation with the help of Salesforce customs

FM’s Team of Business Consultants and Developers will design, develop, customize and enhance your solution to promote Salesforce end-user adoption, process efficiency, effectiveness, and visibility across the entire business.

FM will evaluate your current and future Salesforce requirements, business process and workflows to determine the most efficient way to customize Salesforce into a winning investment that effectively keeps your business connected to customers, streamlines processes, and improves profitability.

The impact from Salesforce customizations

  • End-user Adoption Boosted: customizations improve the end-user experience by making it intuitive, faster, personal and easier to adopt. (Salesforce)
  • Productivity Increases: as end-user adoption is boosted, salesforce productivity increases up to 34%. (Salesforce)
  • Customer Retention Increases: as productivity increases, customer retention increases by 5%. (Salesforce)
  • Revenue Increases: as customer retention increases, salesforce helps revenue grow up to 29%.(Salesforce)
  • Higher ROI: as revenue increases, the ROI grows within 3 months after customizations are implemented. (Salesforce)

..and more as result of customizing Salesforce!


  • Project teams with a business mindset
  • Getting things done on time and on budget
  • Design thinking paired with solid software engineering
With complex systems and specialized business processes, customizing is now less the exception and more the new norm.
-Tim Ziobro, Lead Business Architect, Freeport Metrics

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