About the company

Forager provides a new approach to expanding the market for local food.

Their mission is to expand access to local food for consumers everywhere by building a growing digital community of farmers, producers, grocers, restaurants, consumers, and supporters who collaborate to cultivate the local food economy. Maine has diverse and dynamic agriculture and aquaculture communities, as well as a passionate foodie culture, which made it an obvious place to launch the initial beta.


Helping them to develop a product that would change the way local food was sourced by streamlining payment processes.

The procurement-to-payment process in this industry was outdated and inefficient. It was costly and difficult for grocers, restaurants, distributors, and institutions to purchase food from local farmers. There were available supplies and well-documented consumer demand, but no digital products were linking them. We started with an in-depth discovery process, interviewing and shadowing buyers for local grocery chains, farmers, and restaurant owners to understand the challenges and pain points in their daily routines.


Through discovery and collected user data, we were able to develop impactful solutions for payment processes. 

We identified many opportunities where their technology could simplify and streamline the payment process.We added a new super user functionality and a new billing mechanism. Our development and management teams worked side-by-side Forager’s project managers and designers to define the architecture, development strategy, while also providing them with a QA team. 


The end result was a procurement platform that significantly streamlined the purchasing process.

Users on the Forager platform have reported a notable increase in productivity by offering digital efficiencies and accuracy. Forager now offers functionality for real-time product availability, updated by local producers, order & delivery management, EFT payments, in-app communications, and insights & analytics. Freeport Metrics has become a key development partner for Forager, continuing to work on multiple projects with another. 

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Angular, Ruby on Rails


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