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ItemAware combines high-end enterprise RFID readers, enhanced smartphones, with cloud infrastructure to provide a seamless solution. The flexible software architecture allows for high customization reflecting the unique needs of users and environments in which the tracking occurs.


ItemAware, among other software needed to replace their RFID tracking legacy software with a mobile solution.

ItemAware’s product spans its usefulness through a variety of industries, including but not limited to warehouses, hospitals, office buildings, and manufacturing lines. We identified pain points associated with existing solutions and observed that those responsible for tracking inventory were required to perform tasks in many physical locations - and yet the existing solutions didn’t optimize for the mobility they needed. Outdated interfaces, poor usability, and complicated integration with other systems resulted in many workarounds and inefficiencies.


We designed and developed a scalable, sophisticated asset tracking along with an inventory scheduling software product.

The user-focused components developed for iOS, Android, and web, enable multi-modal scanning (RFID, Barcode, Manual), sophisticated asset tracking and inventory scheduling, dashboard analytics, reporting, and more. Workflow management, complete with task assignment, notifications & alerts ensures efficiency and transparency. While this is beneficial for those who are responsible for daily tracking, it also benefits managers who can track productivity and quickly identify issues.


Apart from launching an enterprise software product for asset tracking, the second beta deployment of ItemAware was installed in a hospital in Ohio and is used to track both assets and patient locations within a hospital.

Antennas, in combination with RFID tags, ensure a “chain of custody” that was previously not possible. Validation testing with these users was completed as part of the initial install and the team continues to extend and refine the product based on this user data. The product has received early interest from a number of large enterprise customers looking to make a switch.

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Android, iOS, Java, Angular 2+, Apache Flink, Amazon Web Services, MySQL


Enterprise Software

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