Mobile Banking

Bringing mobile banking to the public sector

Many financial institutions have focussed in recent years on providing a digital experience that extends and in some instances replaces the brick and mortar one. Similarly, in the public sector, a number of state agencies have recognized that many of their constituents who receive welfare payments would be better served by being able to access their financial information directly on their mobile phone. Providing a balance summary, transaction details and card replacement are all features that are now readily available to recipients of EBT cards in many states across the US.

In addition to providing an enhanced level of service to constituents, another primary goal of this initiative, was to reduce the strain on the call center by introducing a new level of self-sufficiency through the mobile app.

Effectively roadmapping to “right-size” the solution

As with many of our projects, this one had an aggressive timeline and a number of complex requirements. To ensure our teams stayed on track, we began by sizing and prioritizing features and recommending a technical solution that we believed would adhere to the 80/20 rule. We reached agreement with our stakeholders to design and define only two most critical core flows for the MVP (registration and balance checking) and initially to only develop only for one platform. Rapidly delivering functional, robust code on this minimal feature set in a short time frame was a huge win for our client.

Creating a clearly defined roadmap to outline the longer-term vision meant that we were able to show incrementally how we planned to extend the core MVP to include a broader feature set and more extensive number of mobile devices. This was especially critical given the requirement to provide a solution that would work universally for all constituents.

The importance of capability building to foster partnership

During the project, we worked very collaboratively to define an API that would balance security, scalability and usability on a mobile platform. After the project had concluded, we recognized the importance of a seamless transition and continued to provide maintenance support for a number of months after the initial release to ensure the new solution had the greatest chance of success - and would be positively reviewed on the app store!


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