Award-winning solution for sustainability startup

Rapport’s team of environmentalists and technologists were looking to “Democratize Sustainability” with a platform that tracks, monitors and visualizes environmental data. They came to FM looking for a technology partner who could help them bring their concept to life. The MVP that emerged from this successful collaboration went on to win a number of awards and has received multiple sources of accelerator funding since its initial launch.

Rapport focused their product on small and mid-sized businesses, harnessing the power of data, and more specifically data visualization, to help them reduce waste, minimize environmental impact and save money. While other solutions in the sustainability market already existed, these typically served larger companies and enterprise markets, and were often very complex and expensive. We worked with Rapport to understand the needs of the sustainability manager in a small or mid-sized company, and in turn translated those needs into product requirements, while our tech team identified the technical infrastructure that would support the entire platform.

Effortlessly managing data and identifying opportunities to save

We rapidly created a comprehensive MVP that enables managers to import data directly from their utility accounts and reduce their operational footprint. They now had the ability to compare efficiency and performance across their organization, tracking individual buildings, business groups or product lines to analyze the environmental impact. The Rapport product also enabled them to compare metrics like water usage, electricity or carbon emissions with others who have a similar footprint, offering expert tips and advice on ways to optimize further.

The application we created for Rapport ensured that sustainability information could now be actionable and shareable, while also providing practical guidance on reducing waste and costs. The Rapport team instantly made a splash with their MVP, winning pitch contests, investment, and most importantly…users. Most recently, the city of Portland, ME signed an agreement with Rapport to provide environmental impact measurement, monitoring, and reporting for 50 city buildings including municipal offices and schools.


Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS, MySQL


Energy & Sustainability

Project Status

Won multiple pitch contests and awards: Environmental Leader Product of the Year (2016), Rise of the Rest Tour, was featured on GreenLight Maine, MCED Top Gun and a finalist at Cleantech Open.

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